Grow your own Garlic!

With all the recent pollution and pesticide usage, growing your own fruits and vegetables has never been more popular. With homegrown herbs and spices growing in popularity, garlic is a sure way for homeowners to give their dishes the kick it needs without all the harmful elements that can sometimes sneak their way in.

While growing garlic is relatively simple, the first step is to make sure your soil area is weed free. Planting should be done in the fall, with bulbs of a nice shape and decently large cloves. Want a good tip? If you separate the cloves as close to the planting time as possible, the roots won’t dry out, leading to faster grow times.

So now that we are all planted, when do we get to make some buttery, garlic mashed potatoes? Well, along with keeping weeds away, proper watering and harvesting must be done on time to get the best bulbs possible. The key here is to keep your soil moist. Be warned however that it is safer to stop watering sooner than later. Garlic is harder to cure if it has been over watered.

Ready to harvest in the spring, take a look at the bulbs. If you can feel the bumps of cloves, then you are ready to go. Gently loosen the ground below and pull the garlic away, it’s that simple. While times may vary depending on the weather and location but come springtime you’ll be roasting your homegrown cloves in no time. Garlic tends to grow quite beautiful flowers, it’ll help spruce up your garden too!

So when you begin to plant your tomatoes and cucumbers don’t forget to add garlic to your gardens. What do you think? Will you be adding a little garlic to your garden this upcoming season? Tweet us at @discovergarlic, email us at, send us a video response on our YouTube account or post your reply below! We want to hear from you!




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