Garlic Remedies

Not only is garlic delicious in any recipe, but it has actually been used for hundreds of years as a remedy for many illnesses and to treat different types of infections. It helps to reduce blood pressure, cure a cold, remove warts and has even been linked to helping prevent cancer. When you feel as though your eyebrows aren’t growing in properly, rub a little garlic on the area they are known to begin growing again. Garlic is also useful for treating ear infection, and when crushed into paste and added into olive oil, the mixture can be used as ear drops to clean ears out and eliminate any pain. Garlic can help open your nasal passageway and strengthens the body’s immune system. Furthermore, if rubbed on the tips of fingernails, it strengthens them and adds a natural shine! Garlic is such a fascinating and versatile food!

Have you ever tried any of these remedies? Do you know of any garlic secrets?

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