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Garlic lovers everywhere need to check out our official YouTube page! Our Garlic Moments video series is a perfect go-to for garlic-themed recipes that are simple, affordable and delicious. With new episodes everyday, the Garlic Moments video series is great way to get to know us garlic girls and see us in action!


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Help Our Garlic Discover Himself!

Our little garlic is having an identity crisis and needs your help!

How can you help?
All you have to do is follow @DiscoverGarlic on Twitter or Instagram and either hashtag the name in a tweet to us or “like” the picture of the character that you think suits him best!
Picture 3
Easy as roasted garlic, right?!?!

The winning character will be selected based on the sum of likes on Instagram and hashtag votes on Twitter, and one lucky participant who voted for the winning character will be selected at random to win a $15 grocery store gift card!

Note: While everyone has the chance to win the glory of choosing the winning character, only Ryerson University students enrolled in CMN288 are eligible to win the gift card.